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Due to high level of demand we are proud to announce our new dedicated locksmiths Yate service. This means that we are now able get to our locksmiths jobs in Yate even quicker. So if you are locked out in Yate due to your keys being forgotten inside, lost, broken in lock, or for any other reason, and you need an emergency locksmith in Yate, give us a call now. We still provide the high quality locksmiths service our customers have come to expect, but we can now get to you quicker.

We still also provide our full range of services, so as well as the emergency locksmiths services detailed above, also call us for: lock changes; lock upgrades to high security models; repairs to yale and mortise Locks; repairs to UPVC doors and locks.

We can also undertake complete new installation work including fitting yale (latch) and mortise locks onto new doors and frames. We provide a professional, friendly, and contentious locksmiths service; our staff are not only expert locksmiths but also expert carpenters, as we believe the two trades go hand in hand; we are proud of the work we do and think you will be too.

We believe we provide the quickest, most competitively priced and best quality locksmiths service in Yate. Gives us a call now for a fixed price quote on the work that you require. We look forward to hearing from you.

The local locksmith service for Yate

yate-service-vanWith our new dedicated locksmiths Yate service we aim to bring you the security, service back up, and general peace of mind, that you would rightly expect from a regional locksmiths services provider, coupled with the fast, responsive, individual service you would expect from a local locksmith. We like to think of it as offering a 'best of both worlds' solution to the problem of finding a reliable locksmith in Yate.

As with the service we provide for the rest of the region we are able to offer all locksmiths services in Yate. However with our dedicated Yate service we are able to so with that local touch. We realise that, whilst locksmiths are not officially recognised as an emergency service in the same way that the police, ambulance and fire services are, nonetheless getting locked out feels very much like an emergency.

We understand that in such circumstances what you require is an emergency locksmiths service that you can get through to quickly, who has the relevant locksmith's experience and knowledge to understand quickly what your exact problem is, and then has the local area knowledge to be able to quickly understand exactly where in Yate you are and so be able to get to you fast. With our dedicated Yate service this is exactly what we aim to provide. If you require an emergency locksmith give us a call now, you will be in safe hands.

Quality fixed price work backed up with a no quibble guarantee from our Yate locksmiths Service

Fixed price work.As with the rest our locksmiths network all work carried out by our Yate locksmiths service is backed up with our no quibble guarantee. Our guarantee is 12 months parts and 3 months labour. This means that any part fitted by us will be replaced entirely free of charge if a fault related to either the part or the fitting occurs within three months. From 3 to 12 months the guarantee will extend to supply of a replacement part only, you can chose weather to entrust the removal and refitting to our Yate locksmiths service at a labour only charge, or make other arrangements if you prefer.

Locked out with key on the inside? Advice from Bristol & Bath Locksmiths Yate

If you have a UPVC type door with a handle on the inside and outside that operate independently of each other, also referred to as a 'split spindle' or 'night-latch function' arrangement, then it is easy to get locked out as the latch lock will engage every time the door is shut. Often the key will have been left on the inside of the lock, and in this situation even if another member of the household happens to have a spare key the lock will not operate due to the key on the inside. We are often asked: Why can't the key on the inside just be pushed through and out using the spare from the outside? Here we explain how these euro cylinder locks work, and what you can try prior to calling us or another locksmith. We have put this article in our locksmiths Yate section as we do tend to attend to a lot of these jobs in Yate.

key-on-insideThe picture shows a typical 'euro cylinder' type lock cylinder very commonly fitted in uPVC (plastic) type doors, with multi-point lock mechanisms, throughout the UK including Yate. The black part in the middle is what is called the cam. The cam is what turns and operates the lock mechanism on the door. For the cam to able to operate it can only be engaged with one side of the the cylinder at a time; otherwise the opposite side of the cylinder would effectively keep it locked in place and the lock simply would not work.

When there is a key is on the inside side of the cylinder it is the inside side of the cylinder that is engaged with the cam, and when the key is on the outside it is outside side of the cylinder that is engaged with the cam. Normally the tip of the key, from whichever side it is being inserted, pushes on a small spindle type mechanism within the cam to engage the correct side; as stated above both sides cannot engage the cam simultaneously as this would effectively lock the two sides together and the lock would not work.

This is why, when a key has been left on the inside, the spare key, even if there is one available, will usually not go all the way into the key-way. The two keys are effectively pushing against each other and because the inside key is already there first it usually wins! The only way the inside key can be pushed out by outside key is if it has been left in exactly the upright position. Even then it may not be possible as the lock cylinders are certainly not deigned to operate this way and sometimes will just stick and not budge (as we ended up demonstrating in our video below!). However it is well worth giving it a go, you will have to use a bit more force than normal, and sometimes jiggling the outside key around a bit can also help (see our video below). However be careful not to hurt your hand by applying too much force; one of our locksmiths recently attended a job in Yate where a lady had done just that; we suggest perhaps using a piece of cloth or something similar around the key to protect hands if you are tempted to really go for it with the force applied.

More usually we find that the inside key has not been left in the upright position but at a slight turn. If this is the case then the inside key can not be pushed out, it does not matter how hard the outside key is pushed. If this is the position you find yourself in, or indeed if you do not have a spare in any case, then you will need the services of a locksmith. At Bristol & Bath Locksmiths Yate service we have specialist tools that we can use to get your door open without any damage to the door or lock. We work on a fixed price system are very competitively priced so give us a call now if you need to.

Beware High Pressure Sales Tactics Used by Some Locksmiths in Yate

We would like to give a warning and some in advice in relation to high pressure sales tactics being used by some locksmiths in Yate. From what we understand the high pressure sales tactics seem to follow one of two basic 'models'. One is the rouge locksmiths companies using pushy sales techniques to sell lock and other security upgrades which are unwanted and perhaps not even needed. The second is even more blatant; the locksmith turns up and does the work which the customer has usually already been quoted for over the phone, but on completion of the job demands a much higher price than that quoted. When the customer argues the rouge locksmiths use intimidatory tactics in order to try to get the customer to pay up.

Whether you live in Yate or anywhere else, we would have two main items of advice for anyone finding themselves caught up in one of the above scenarios. Firstly in relation to lock and security upgrades; ask yourself do you really feel you need or want the upgrade, and also if you think you are being charged a fair price. If the answer to either question is no, then politely refuse the locksmiths suggestion, and do not be pressured by scare stories etc into saying yes. A genuine local locksmith giving genuine advice will not take offence at this. If the locksmith suggesting the lock/security upgrades does take offence at your refusal and starts being pushy then that is even more reason to doubt his advice - just be firm and say no. Secondly in relation to unexpected price hikes at the end of the job; be assured that a genuine trustworthy locksmiths will always give you clear warning of any unexpected work that will affect the final bill, and will only continue once you have authorised any extra work. If a locksmith working on your property tries to charge a much higher price on completion of the job than first quoted without having given any advice of a cost increase before hand, then you can be fairly sure that he is trying it on. Be polite but firm and just say 'no'. Offer to pay the originally quoted and agreed sum only. If any kind of threatening behaviour follows then call the police on the emergency number.

We hope you will find the above advice useful. Needless to say at Bristol & Bath Locksmiths Yate we always follow the very best practices. All our work is quoted on an all inclusive fixed price basis. We will only suggest lock or other security upgrades where we genuinely feel they are necessary, and our locksmiths will never use high pressure sales tactics. In the unlikely event that we feel we will not be able to complete a job for the price originally quoted we will advise you this and only continue if you authorise us to do so. So if you need any locksmiths services in Yate give us call - we are sure you will not be disappointed.

Telephone Number: 0117 3361122

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