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The Local Locksmiths For the Bristol and Bath Area.

Tel (For Bristol and Bath): 0117 3361122

At Bristol and Bath Locksmiths we operate a professional local locksmiths business with a strong emphasis on customer care and satisfaction.

The majority of our work involves attending to emergency 'lock out' situations. We understand that in these situations our locked out customer needs a reliable and fast service for affecting entry to their property, and that is exactly what we aim to provide. This is where our local knowledge of the Bristol and Bath area really helps, and we operate on a 24/7 basis.

In such emergency access situations we will wherever possible affect entry without damage to the door or lock. This saves time and money, and if the lock out is due to the keys simply having been forgotten in the property then the existing keys can be used again. If locks do have to be replaced then we can do so quickly and competitively on a fixed price basis. We are also happy to provide free security advice to any property we attend.

Fixed price work with Bristol and Bath Locksmiths

Fixed-Price-WorkNobody likes nasty surprises at the end of a job when it comes to paying for work. Therefore at Bristol and Bath Locksmiths we carry out all our work on a fixed price basis. When you call us your call will be connected either directly to one of our locksmiths, or to one our highly trained locksmiths office staff, either way we will take you through a quick set of questions to ascertain what type of lock you have and what work you need done. Based on this information we will then quote you a fixed price for the work and parts - if required.

On the rare occasions that the locksmith, once on site, finds your door or lock to be different from what we expected and we are not able to carry out the work required for the quoted price, we will give you a revised price, but you will be under no obligation to have have the work carried out at the revised price if you do not wish to.

Highly trained locksmiths for Bristol and Bath

As one of the best regarded locksmiths for Bristol, Bath and surrounding area we very much realise the importance of excellent training for our locksmiths. To us the inside of a lock is fascinating and we use cutaway locks so that during training the locksmith can see exactly what is happening inside the lock as various training operations are performed. We are proud to say that Bristol and Bath locksmiths was one of the first to use such items as part of our training.

cylinder-lock-cutaway-1The picture shows a real operational pin tumbler cylinder lock (very commonly fitted in Bristol and Bath) with part of the metalwork of the lock machined away to reveal the workings inside. A pin tumbler cylinder lock works on the principal that when locked a number of pins, usually five or six (five in the case of the lock pictured), prevents the cylinder from turning.

cylinder-lock-cutaway-2For the door to be unlocked a correct key has to be inserted which causes all the pins, which actually work in pairs, to align so that the point where each pair of pins meet aligns with the shear line between the cylinder and the case. When this happens there is no longer anything preventing the cylinder from turning and the lock is unlocked.

cylinder-lock-cutaway-3Using the our cutaway lock cylinder we can actually see all this in action. The first picture shows the position of the pins with the key out. As can be seen the top pins are pushed, by their respective springs, through the shear line and down partway into the cylinder, thereby preventing the cylinder from turning (only the tops of the three middle pins are visible). The second picture shows the key being inserted into the key-way, the pins are getting pushed up and down as the various depths of cut in the key move through. The third picture shows the key fully inserted, all the top pins have lined up which means that all the meeting points in the pairs of pins are lined up with the shear line between the cylinder and the case and the cylinder can turn.

We hope you found that as interesting as we do. Whether you're in Bristol or Bath, for a locksmith that really understands locks call us at Bristol and Bath Locksmiths.

If you would like to learn how a lever lock works we have great article currently on our home page. To go directly to the lever lock article click here.

The Community Locksmith in Bristol and Bath- Always Willing to help where we can.

Comunity-Service-Provider-Rounded-logo-txt-Bristol-and-Bath-LocksmithsAt Bristol and Bath Locksmiths we understand that getting locked out, whilst usually not a matter of life and death, is nonetheless an emergency in respect to the disruption it can cause on peoples everyday lives. We further appreciate that not everyone who gets locked can afford the services of a locksmith at the normal prices. We therefore operate our, what we believe to be, unique charitable community fund. Where a genuine need can be identified we are, through the use of this fund, able to provide our services at substantially reduced prices and sometimes even completely free of charge.

CRB checked locksmith service in Bristol and Bath for your peace of mind

crb-dbs-checked-bristol-and-bath-locksmithsWhen you call a locksmith it is very important to know that you are dealing with reputable trustworthy company. We are just that, growing by reputation in the Bristol and Bath area, and for your added peace of mind we are CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checked.

Supporting Charities And Other Good Causes in Bristol and Bath

At Bristol and bath locksmiths we believe very strongly in supporting charities and other good causes in the Bristol, Bath and South West area. We not only support good causes with direct charitable donations but also like to form long term partnerships with such organisations for the long term betterment of our local communities.

Old Locks Get Recycled at Bristol & Bath Locksmiths

recycling-locksAt Bristol and Bath Locksmiths we take our responsibility to the environment very seriously, and part of this is of course recycling. As well as doing all the normal sort of recycling of such things as our office paper waste and packaging from our locksmith's suppliers etc, we also ensure that the various components of the old locks we take out also get recycled.

brass-lockThe majority of locks are manufactured mainly from brass - particularly the lock cylinders - which is the part where the key is inserted. Brass is fairly easily identifiable as it is generally a light yellow colour in appearance - the image inset shows a brass latch lock cylinder. Other materials found in locks are steel and cast aluminium - mainly in the cases. At Bristol & Bath locksmiths we have systematic procedures in place for separating the different materials used in locks for efficient recycling. Initial basic sorting is carried out by ourselves, the material is then passed on to one of our recycling partners in Bristol for further sorting, before eventually becoming 'new' raw material ready to be used in manufacturing.

Recycling the metal material in locks like this not only saves on wasted landfill space, but also on the energy required to mine and produce material from ore (metals in their oxidised form as found in nature). The difference is perhaps most marked in the case of Aluminium where the energy cost of manufacture from recycled scrap metal is estimated to be just 5% of that of manufacture from bauxite (aluminium ore).

Where we are carrying out a lock change simply because our customer wants a new lock with different keys, if the old lock is in good usable condition, we will keep it as second hand stock for future use. This is even more environmentally friendly, and we are also then able to offer the customer receiving the used lock a monetary saving too.

We believe we are probably the most environmentally concious locksmiths in Bristol, however we do not like to rest on our laurels and are always thinking about how we can do more. We are always happy to hear our customers ideas and suggestion as to more that could be done, so if you have any such ideas please do get in touch, and of course do also contact us if you need your locks replaced - you can rest assured that your old lock will be treated with the respect our environment deserves.

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