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Bristol and Bath Emergency Locksmith Contact:

Telephone 0117 3361122 - for Bristol and Bath

We specialise in emergency access situations. Whether you are in Bristol or Bath, when you need an emergency locksmith the best way to contact us is on our above Bristol number which will either put you through direct to one of our locksmiths, or automatically transfer to our Bristol office.

Our normal response time is just 30 minutes - sometimes even quicker. When you call, one of our knowledgeable locksmiths or support staff will take details of your door and lock type and the nature of your particular locksmith emergency. This will enable us to send the correctly trained locksmith with the correct tools, materials and parts to resolve your emergency quickly and efficiently.

Being locked out of one's home can be a very unsettling experience and we want to to be able to resolve this for our customers as quickly as possible, please try to remain calm and give as accurate information as possible to our personnel. If you have time please see our Lock Types page prior to calling.

If your enquiry is not of an emergency nature you may still call us on the above number, or you may prefer to email us.

If you prefer to email us please use:

Please note, due to problems with automated spam mailers, our previously published email address ( is currently out of action.

We operate a mobile only service, should you wish to write to us our office contact address is:

Bristol and Bath Locksmiths
Vera Rd

Bristol and Bath Locksmiths Complaints Procedure

At Bristol and Bath Locksmiths we absolutely pride ourselves on delivering a reliable, conscientious and high quality, as well as fast, locksmiths service. We have many satisfied customers and hope and expect that you will have no cause to complain.

However, in the unlikely event that you should have cause to complain we would like you to be able to so comfortably and efficiently. If you are unhappy we would ask you to please initially bring this to the attention of the attending locksmith. All our locksmiths are trained to deal with complaints politely and professionally, and in most cases the locksmith will be able to attend to the cause of your complaint there and then.

In the very unlikely event that the locksmith is not able to sort out the cause of your complaint to your satisfaction, we would ask you to please put the full details of your complaint to us in writing using the above contact form or email address (this applies to customers from both Bristol and Bath). We promise that the facts of your complaint will be looked at once again by one of our highly trained locksmith's support staff and we will once again try our very best to find a resolution to the matter. However if we can not we will reply to you in writing setting out our final position on the matter and giving you the reasons why this is so. At this point our complaints procedure will be concluded (please note that nothing in Bristol and Bath locksmiths complaints procedure affects your statutory rights).

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