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For all your Locksmithing needs in the Bristol and Bath area.

Telephone 0117 3361122 for Bristol and Bath

  • Emergency Entry / Access and lock changes.
  • Security upgrades including fitting insurance approved anti-snap euro cylinders.
  • Insurance work.
  • Large scale commercial work including new build projects.
  • Key-less entry systems.

UPVC multi-point door repair experts for Bristol and Bath

upcv-mechanism-bristol-and-bath-locksmithsMany properties in Bristol and Bath, both domestic and commercial, are fitted with UPVC doors with multipoint locking mechanisms. It is understandable that this type of door and lock combination is popular as they provide a reasonable level of security (when correctly fitted and used!) at a reasonable price. However they are unfortunately prone to various problems.

There are essentially six main components to a UPVC door fitted with a mulit-point lock. These are; the lock cylinder, the handle assembly, the multipoint lock mechanism assembly, and the keep assembly (or in some cases individual keeps), the door itself, and finally the frame.

All six components can, and often do, give trouble. The lock cylinder can fail, the handles can fail due to excessive wear in the area where they fit onto the handle spindle, the multi-point mechanism itself can fail due to a variety of reasons, the keeps can go out of adjustment or break, and finally the door and/or frame can warp or drop.

Sometimes repairs can be affected simply by a matter of adjustment. If you have a UPVC door that is difficult to open or shut due to the door rubbing against the frame for example, we will often be able to fix this by matter of adjustment. Other times any of the components described above might need to be replaced. Whatever is required Bristol and Bath Locksmiths have the knowledge and experience to affect repairs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Expert lock change at your convenience

lock-change-bristol-and-bath-locksmithsLock changes can be required for a number of reasons. An upgrade to high security anti-snap being just one (see below). If keys have been lost a replacement lock with new keys is usually cheaper than decoding the existing lock and then having replacement keys made up for that lock. This is also the safer option from a security point of view as one never knows who might find those lost keys.

As we operate a 24 hours a day 7 days a week service we can undertake  lock changes at a time that suits you. A new lock will mean that everyone who might need access to that door will need to be furnished with new keys. At Bristol and Bath locksmiths we aim to make this as easy possible for all concerned. As standard new locks come with either 2 or 3 keys, however if more is required, for example for a house in multiple occupancy or a communal entrance to flats or apartments, we can either cut extra keys on site or arrange for them to be cut. We can even deliver these extra keys if required.

Key Broken in lock - No problem

broken-key-bristol-and-bath-locksmithsAt Bristol an Bath Locksmiths we have the tools and expertise to solve such problems. In this scenario we will usually be able to remove broken key from the key-way quickly and efficiently, and without any damage to the lock. Once the piece of broken key has been removed new keys can be cut for the lock. However we would generally speaking recommend complete replacement of the lock and a complete new set of keys. The reason for this being that if a key has broken in the lock it generally means that the lock and key combination is quite old and further problems are likely to be not too far down the road. As locksmiths we would particularly recommend a complete new lock if there are no existing intact keys from which to cut new keys from, the reason being that cost of decoding the old lock cylinder and then cutting keys for it,  is in most cases likely to be higher than a new lock which will come with a new set keys included. If you would like to know more about why you might be suffering from a key broken in lock problem we have great article on the subject which is currently on our Bristol and Bath Locksmiths home page - to go directly to the article click here.

The expert locksmith in Bath & Bristol for digital push button locks

digital-push-button-lockDigital push button combination locks have grown in popularity in recent years. Their attraction is not difficult to see, they offer the easy flexible convenience of key-less entry and exit at a fairly modest cost. However we are finding that they do, the ones fitted in the Bristol and Bath region at least (the ERA model), go wrong quite frequently. The fault usually manifesting itself with a lock that just one day won't open and leaving the user locked out.

Fortunately with Bristol and Bath locksmiths you have a locksmith near you that can get these locks open quickly and efficiently. Most of our locksmiths will also usually carry replacement combination locks, so not only can we get you back into your property but we can usually also, replace your faulty combination lock with a new one, and set it to the code of your choice, all in one trip.

As a final word of advice on these push button digital combination locks we would like to point out that the opinion of most locksmiths, including ourselves at Bristol & Bath Locksmiths, on these locks is that they do not offer a very high level of security. As stated above yes they do offer convenience and flexibility of use, for example being able to just tell the code to a visitor rather than having to provide them with a physical key, so yes they do have their place. However we would advise that they are best fitted in combination with a secondary lock (ideally a mortice) with higher level of security, and that the secondary lock is used whenever the the property is being left for any period of time.

The emergency locksmiths in Bath & Bristol for opening electronic digital safes

electronic-digital-safe-openingAs with digital locks talked about above, electronic digital safes have become very popular in Bristol and Bath as well as nationally. Most of these work on a similar design and the electronic lock mechanism operates powered by batteries inside the door of the safe. They also have a manual over ride by way of a normal mechanical key to enable the safe to be opened if the electronic lock fails, usually due to the batteries going flat. The key is also intended for use if the user fas forgotten the code for the safe.

However what often happens is that the safe battery goes flat, or there is some other failure of the electronics, and the key can not be found, in some cases the key has been locked inside the safe! Whichever way the end result is the same: the user can't open the safe to get to the contents inside. The contents often tend to be travel documents such as passports and the problem is often discovered the night before the flight! Fortunately for anyone in this predicament Bristol and Bath Locksmiths can quickly and efficiently get these electronic digital safes open, and we can usually do so without any damage to the safe, so assuming the fault was just due to flat batteries, the safe is still good use. Give us call for more help and information or to book our locksmith.

Locksmiths in Bath and Bristol for High Security Safe Opening

Safe-openingA high security safe is an excellent way to keep important documents and valuables safe and secure both at home and in business. However high security safes are of course by their very nature very difficult to access in lock out situations even for experienced locksmiths. Indeed many locksmiths in Bath and Bristol will only work on general door and window locks and will leave high security safes for specialist safe engineers. Fortunately at Bristol & Bath Locksmiths we have trained safe engineers and can open safes reliably and efficiently.

Of course if you do find yourself locked out of a safe you need a locksmith that not only knows safes; but also knows Bath and Bristol so that they can get to you fast. At Bristol & Bath Locksmiths we pride ourselves on our local knowledge of the area. When you call us you will not be connected to some far away call centre, as with a lot of other big locksmiths companies, and end up trying to give directions to someone who has no local knowledge of your area. Our telephone numbers will always put you through to a member of our locksmiths, or locksmiths support, staff who live and work in Bath and Bristol and therefore know Bath and Bristol.

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, when you need a locksmith to open a safe you need a locksmith that you can trust. Once again Bristol and Bath Locksmiths ticks this box with flying colours; we are CRB / DBS checked, and are known to, and work with, police and neighbourhood watch organisations in Bath and Bristol.

So if you find yourself with a safe that you can not open due to lost keys or any other reason give us a call now; you'll be in safe hands!

Ugrades to Anti-Snap Cylinders - Features of the Yale Anti Snap High Security Euro Lock Explained

One of the most common security upgrade services we are asked to perform here at Bristol and Bath Locksmiths is a euro lock anti-snap upgrade. A good high security euro lock such as the ones we fit here at Bristol and Bath Locksmiths will have the following features:

  • Snap-off Front - As shown in the digram below the front part of the lock will snap-off and prevent the would be attacker from getting any purchase further along on the lock body thereby preventing the lock from snapping at the critical middle point. The door is left secure and the remainder of the lock will usually still operate with the key.
  • Hardened grip deflectors prevent the lock body from being attacked and snapped using a tools such mole grips or even certain specialist locksmiths tools.
  • Hardened reinforced bar in the critical middle area of the lock where these locks normally snap (see our video on security tips and advice page).


Caravan locksmiths in Bath and Bristol

caravan-locksmithsCaravanning is popular in the south-west so there are a lot of caravans in Bristol and Bath. Just as houses need locksmiths from time to time so do caravans. At Bristol and Bath locksmiths we are familiar with all the different types of locks fitted to different types of caravans, so whatever your caravan locksmithing requirement call us now and we'll get you on the road in no time. Our locksmiths are familiar with both static and touring caravan locks.

Are you planning on heading for a holiday in the Bristol and Bath area but are worried about a problematic lock on your caravan? If you will be staying in one of the camp-sites in the surrounding area why not give us a call and arrange for one of our locksmiths to meet you at your camp-site, this way there is no need to let a dodgy caravan lock delay your holiday. Happy caravanning and keep safe and secure.

For garage door locks in Bristol and Bath

Garage-LocksGarage doors and locks are an often overlooked part of home security. Yet they are actually at least as important as the locks and security in the rest of a property. This is because not only does the garage contain within it your car and perhaps other valuable items such as bikes, but also because with the design of many properties in the region access can be gained into the rest of the property from within the garage. This is why as locksmiths in Bristol and Bath we take garage security very seriously.

We at Bristol & Bath Locksmiths would advise that regular checks be made of the door, the 'up & over' mechanism, and of course the garage lock itself. It is also important to ensure that your garage is well ventilated to keep damp at bay. A poorly ventilated damp garage will encourage corrosion and rust not only on the items stored within, but also on parts of the door and lock mechanism - thereby possibly compromising security as well as ease of operation.

At Bristol and Bath Locksmiths our emergency locksmiths not only know about normal household doors and locks but also garage doors and locks. So whether you are locked out of you garage due lost or broken keys, or simply wish to upgrade your garage locks to higher security locks, give us a call now - we will get your garage door and lock sorted in quickly and efficiently.

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