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Still from only £49 with no VAT, with our dedicated locksmith Clifton Bristol service we can now get to our emergency locksmith call outs in the Clifton area even quicker. So if you are locked out and need a locksmith in Clifton, or need a locksmith for any other reason at all, give us a call now and we’ll get to you quickly and and sort your problem out efficiently. We still offer all the locksmiths services that our previous customers will be familiar with; so as well as an emergency access locksmith following a lockout, you can also call us for lock changes & upgrades, uPVC door repairs, new installations, security systems, and much more.

The Locksmith in Clifton Bristol for Bristol University Students

Bristol-University-LocksmithWe at Bristol & Bath locksmiths try to tailor our services to fit the various areas and customer profiles we serve as well as possible. In Clifton Bristol we are aware that there is a very substantial student population mainly from Bristol University, as well as some UWE students who chose to live in Clifton for the vibrant atmosphere. We are aware that the majority of students in Clifton, just like elsewhere, have to live on a limited budget, so a while back we introduced our 10% student discount on all our locksmiths services including emergency call-out - that's on top of our already very competitive pricing that makes us the cheapest locksmiths anywhere in Bristol and especially Clifton.

We are also aware that our customers want a fast and efficient locksmith service in Clifton just as in other parts of Bristol, however one factor that can slow up a an emergency call-out service in busy areas such as Clifton is difficulty in parking; as locksmiths, just as with other tradesman, we are not allowed park in contravention of the normal parking laws as applicable to other members of the public - locksmiths are not allowed the exceptions to parking laws that generally apply to the 999 emergency services. Despite this some of the other locksmiths in Clifton and other busy areas still use the large clifton-service-vanvans typical of tradesman in general. Not us, our Bristol & Bath Locksmiths locksmiths are equipped with compact vans (as pictured) that are much easier to park (as well as being much more environmentally friendly) which means we are much more likely to able to get to you quicker.

Innovative 'out of the box' thinking such as this means that we have already been offering one of the quickest locksmiths services in Clifton. However we have now taken steps to improve our service even more with our dedicated Clifton Locksmiths service. The idea of our dedicated area services is that, subject to availability and demand, we will station one our locksmiths in that area on a standby basis ready to go as soon as they are required. The concept has already been tried in other areas and we are now proud to launch our dedicated Clifton locksmith service. So proud in fact that we have taken to the skies to mark the occasion with a Bristol & Bath Locksmiths team hot air balloon flight. Of-course when it comes to ballooning not even we can control the where the balloon flies - one simply flies with the wind - but as fortune would have it on this auspicious occasion the wind took us right over the Cumberlain Basin Clifton-Aerial-Viewand locks with a perfect view right over Clifton. The picture inset was taken during the flight, the various Bristol landmarks including the Clifton Suspension bridge are clearly visible. If you like this picture please feel free to click on it to view in full size and then right click and save to your computer for future viewing and use - it's on us - royalty free - and if you need master locksmith in Clifton give us a call now.

Telephone Bristol: 0117 3361122

Best Locksmiths to get Keys Cut in Clifton

This may not be what you are expecting to read, but if truth be told generally speaking the easiest, cheapest, and generally most convenient place to get new keys cut are not with a locksmiths service but at a cobblers. The reason being is that the equipment needed to cut keys is fairly big and bulky, and whilst some locksmiths will have this equipment in their vans, many especially those specialising emergency access will not. If you do require keys cut in Clifton we at Bristol & Bath Locksmiths would be happy to assist, however if your requirement is within normal working hours it may well just be easier and cheaper for you take your old key along to a cobblers shop. There are many independents to chose from in Clifton as well as a couple of branches of the Timpsons chain, but of-course if you're stuck give us a call and we'll be happy to help with out with our locksmith Clifton service.

Telephone Bristol: 0117 3361122

Locked Out in Clifton? How to Choose the Right Emergency Locksmith

As with all trades unfortunately the locksmithing profession also has it's share of 'bad apples' and rouge traders. So if you are locked out in Clifton Bristol, or any where else for that matter, it is important when choosing an emergency locksmith to ask a few key questions to ensure that you do not get caught out and get over charged for shoddy workmanship.

Firstly it is important to get a quote for the work that you require and ask what that quote does or does not include. For example VAT, at Bristol & Bath Locksmiths Clifton our prices always include VAT, but unfortunately many locksmiths companies price work excluding VAT to make a job appear better value than what it actually is. Another example is the 'call out charge', at Bristol & Bath Locksmiths Clifton we do not charge call out charges - if we are not able to complete the work required as agreed, you the customer do not have to pay us a penny! :) Unfortunately many locksmiths in Bristol apply a call out charge - which they will charge just for turning up - even if they are unable to complete the work required! :( So as a customer booking a locksmiths service it is very important to ask if there is a call out charge element to the price you have been told and whether or not you will have to pay anything if the work cannot be completed.

Fixed-priceIt is also very important to be clear at the time of booking a locksmith as to whether or not the price you have been 'quoted' is a solid fixed price quote. At Bristol & Bath Locksmiths Clifton all our quotes are just that; on turning up at job if we find that door and lock is different from what we were expecting to find we may have to revise our quote upwards but this will be on a completely no obligation no pressure basis, and you the customer will be be very welcome to say no thank you. Unfortunately not all locksmiths in Bristol are so conscientious or courteous, and the practice of one price being stated on the phone and a higher price being charged on completion of the work is very common. So do clearly ask: If the price you been told is a fixed price quote for the job no matter how long it takes; and also if there might be any other charges you might have to pay.

Another question worth asking, particularly applicable if you have been locked out and are after an emergency locksmith to gain re-entry to your property, is what methods the locksmith will be using to gain entry. At Bristol and Bath Locksmiths Clifton we believe in using locksmiths-letterbox-kitspecialised tools for non destructive entry whenever possibly. For example the picture in set shows our locksmiths letterbox kit which enables us to access various parts of the lock on the inside of the door through the letterbox - thereby enabling us to get a door open without damage (click here to watch our demo of this tool). Unfortunately many locksmiths in Bristol are not so well equipped and trained; those locksmiths will go straight in with much heavier handed methods, for example drilling the lock out, which will at best result in you the customer perhaps having to buy (from that locksmith!) a replacement lock that you would not have otherwise needed, and perhaps also unnecessary damage to your door etc. So do not be afraid to ask; at Bristol & Bath Locksmiths Clifton our friendly locksmiths will be happy to explain their procedures and techniques.

We hope you have found this advice helpful. If you need a locksmiths service in Clifton Bristol that ticks all the above boxes give us a call, we are sure that you won't be disappointed.

When You Need a 'Locksmith Near Me' in Clifton

At Bristol & Bath Locksmiths we are well aware that being locked out can be a stressful experience. We therefore want to be able make your experience in finding and dealing with us as easy as possible. In order to do this we continually keep abreast how our customers search for and contact a locksmith when they need one.

We regularly survey our customers in Bristol and Bath, and as well as asking questions about how they would rate the locksmiths service we have provided, we also ask how they found our contact details. Some years ago we noticed the transition from printed directories such as yellow pages to searches conducted on desk-top computers on the internet. Now with the spread of smart phones we are noticing that more and more of our customers are contacting us after having searched for a locksmith not on desk-top computer but on a mobile smart phone device. Our customers tell us that they find our contact details by searching for 'locksmiths Bristol', 'locksmiths Clifton', or simply 'locksmiths near me'. We have always prided ourselves on providing a local service, and our very pleased that our customers can get our contact details when they need simply by searching for 'locksmiths near me'. :)

Telephone Bristol: 0117 3361122

Clifton Locksmiths FAQs Section

I am locked out - Will I need to show identification before the locksmith will open my door and let me in?

There is no formal legal requirement for locksmiths to check a customers ID before accessing a property. At our locksmiths Clifton service, as elsewhere, we are mindful of the fact that the majority of people do not normally carry identification around, so the average locked out person is generally not likely have ID on them. We will therefore only ask to see ID if we have reason to be suspicious.

I am locked out - Will my door be damaged as you open it?

Generally speaking the answer is no. At BABL locksmiths Clifton we employ the best locksmiths training and equipment to reduce the risk of damage to an absolute minimum. In the vast majority of cases we will be able to open your door without even the tiniest scratch to the door or frame. In the rare cases where the door, lock and frame combination is such that we feel there might me a significant risk of significant damage we will advise you before proceeding.

Where in Clifton are you based?

We operate a mobile emergency locksmiths service, so we may be just round the corner, or perhaps slightly further away. Our average response time is less than 30 minutes, however in areas such as Clifton traffic can be an issue during peak periods and affect our response time, in such cases you will advised when making your booking.

I am a Bristol University student based in Clifton - do you do student discounts?

Yes. We offer a 10% student discount to all students throughout our service area. We only ask that you please advise us that you wish to take advantage of this offer when making your booking so that the attending locksmith can be briefed accordingly.

Do you accept Bristol pounds in payment?

Yes. We are a proud member of the Bristol Pound scheme and are happy to accept Bristol pounds which we pledge to spend back into the local economy in Clifton and elsewhere in Bristol. If you wish to pay using Bristol pounds please let us know when making your booking so that the attending locksmith can be advised accordingly.

Telephone: 0117 3361122

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