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Our dedicated locksmiths Thornbury and Alveston service means that we can now get to our emergency locksmith call outs in the Thornbury and Alveston area even quicker. So if you are locked out in the Thornbury area for any reason at all give us a call now and we'll get you back in quickly and efficiently. We still offer all the locksmiths services that our previous customers will be familiar with; so as well as an emergency access locksmith following a lockout, also call us for lock changes, uPVC door repairs, new installations, and security systems.

Highly trained and equipped locksmiths for Thornbury and Alveston

locksmiths-letterbox-kitOur Thornbury and Alveston locksmiths are highly trained and equipped to be able to deal with all types of lockout situation quickly and efficiently and usually without any damage to the door or lock. One of the specialist tools that your Thornbury locksmith will be equipped with is what is known as a locksmith's letterbox kit (see picture). As can be seen from the picture this piece of equipment comes with various fittings and accessories that allows the kit to be modified on site to fit the door and lock combination on site. Once set up this piece of kit allows the locksmith to access and manipulate the internal parts of the door and lock through the letterbox. Of course any piece of specialist equipment can only ever be as good as the skill of technician using that equipment. Fortunately for anybody requiring locksmiths services in Thornbury, our locksmiths are highly trained and very proficient.

Unfortunately, with development of modern rechargeable mobile power tools, there has been a shift in the way a lot locksmiths work towards the drill becoming the tool of first choice and very little attempt being made at non-destructive entry. At Bristol and Bath locksmiths Thornbury service we are very proud to say that we still like to do things the 'old fashioned' way. Our tool of first choice is whatever specialist piece of equipment the job requires, along with the knowledge and expertise to use it effectively. This is why we are able to open the majority of door and lock combinations quickly and without any damage. So if you require a professional emergency locksmith in Thornbury give us a call now.

Fixed price work from work from your local Thornbury locksmith

Fixed-priceWith our Thornbury locksmith service you can rest assured that not only will all our locksmiths work be completed to the highest most conscientious standards, but also that the work will be done on a fixed price basis with no hidden charges.

When you call our central number your call will automatically be put through to either the closest local locksmith in Thornbury, or to one of trained locksmiths support staff in our office in Bristol. Either way, at the time of your call details will be taken of the exact nature of your lock out (type of door and lock etc) or other incident requiring our emergency locksmith service. Based on this information you will be quoted a fixed price for which the work you require, for example access and lock change, will be completed, and that's the price you will pay regardless of how long it takes our locksmith to complete the job. You can also rest assured that all our quotes are inclusive of VAT, as we say: no hidden charges, as with the rest of our locksmiths network that's our Thornbury locksmiths service price promise.

Telephone Number: 0117 3361122

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